Cumbria the half way base for the Land’s End – John o’ Groats Challenge

Whether you call it Land’s End to John o’ Groats, End to End or LEJOG, the route starting at the far south western tip of Britain in Cornwall to the far north eastern in Scotland is a challenge by a variety of methods of travel.

It is becoming more and more popular to embark on this route both for a way to have an active and achievement filled holiday as well as seeing a great deal of Britain but also for charity. The route is such a famous one in the UK being one end to end in the same way so is the level of popularity of the Coast to Coast. For charity is it a big commitment and a challenge that people only admire you for taking on so no wonder significant money is often raised for the chosen charity by taking it on.

lejog route cumbria
LEJOG route skirting Cumbria

But down to the methods of transport and this naturally has a huge effect on the length of time it takes. Starting with the slowest walking, which takes a minimum of 2 months, around 70 days. Then to a push bike and the route typically takes around the 10 to 14 day mark. Finally motorcycle and this can be done in a day but is advisable even for a challenge to have an overnight stay.

lands end john o groats
The route skirts the eastern edge of Cumbria which is incidentally approximately the half way point on the route. Cumbria provides an excellent base for a mid way point rest day when either walking or cycling and an ideal place to stay for an overnight when travelling by motorcycle. By whichever method of transport, the route follows the main roads such as the M6 and the Tebay Services Hotel which can be accessed from the M6 is on a motorcycle or from the back roads if walking or cycling is a very handy stop off. It has a large carp park, affordable rooms, on site restaurant and the Tebay Services Farm Shop is where extra supplies can be purchased. The hotel can be an ideal place for any family of friends to meet up and support too.